What is Fibromyalgia?

Let’s Start With – Does Fibromyalgia Exist?

There are many naysayers out there who, not only deny that it exists but spout the most hurtful vitriol about anyone who sufferers from it.  A quick excerpt here from a post on Urban Dictionary gives an idea of just how cruel and uneducated some people can be…

what is fibromyalgia…’Fibromyalgia is a generic term given by professionals in the medical field to appease hypochondriacs who bog down the hospitals and doctors time. Similar to irritable bowel syndrome (I.B.S) given to those who constantly live off fast food and a poor diet resulting in diarrhea and poor motility of the intestinal tract. A fibromyalgia diagnosis is given to middle aged attention seeking hypochondriacs with underlying mental and psychological issues. Marital breakdown/ depression/ sexual frustration or a feeling of inadequacy is a common profile of its “sufferers”, while people with the exact same tiredness and sore muscles who work for a living and have responsibility go undiagnosed their whole life time’

I almost didn’t include that excerpt in this post, because it is so hurtful and depicts the kind of cruel and dismissive treatment many fibromyalgia sufferers have experienced for years.  But then I got angry, and I did include it because fibromites have nothing to be ashamed of.  We live with the many varied symptoms of fibromyalgia every day and I wish such naysayers could spend a day walking in our shoes.  What’s more, if you’ve heard the term ‘fibro warrior’ that’s just what we are.  Warriors!  We have to be, otherwise, how would we cope?

Fibromyalgia is Real

Fibromyalgia exists, it is real and it is a very complicated and painful illness.  In 2018, for the first what is fibromyalgiatime, scientists have proven that it exists and that it causes widespread inflammation in the brain.  Using brain imaging scans, they have consistently been able to show that the central nervous system’s immune cells, called glial cells, are activated in fibromyalgia patients and thus give rise to inflammation of the brain.  This causes disruption in the central nervous system and communication between the brain and spine.  If you haven’t yet seen the latest reports on this study, or want to find out more about it, read the full article here… First Medical Proof of Fibromyalgia

So What is Fibromyalgia?

How do you explain to anyone, in layman’s terms, what fibromyalgia is and what it’s like to suffer from it?  The problem is that there are so many varied symptoms and co-morbid conditions that many fibromites don’t bother trying.  And symptoms can vary in severity and type on a day to day basis, which makes it even harder to explain.

I don’t think I could explain the answer to ‘What is Fibromyalgia?’ any better than this article written by journalist and fellow fibromite Adrienne Dellwo.

He sums it up beautifully by saying…

‘A lot of illnesses involve one part of the body or one system. Fibromyalgia involves the entire body and throws all kinds of things out of whack. As bizarre and confusing as the varied symptoms may be, they’re tied to very real physical causes.

This illness can take someone who is educated, ambitious, hardworking, and tireless, and rob them of their ability to work, clean house, exercise, think clearly, and ever feel awake or healthy.

What is fibromyalgia?

It’s NOT psychological “burn out” or depression
It’s NOT laziness
It’s NOT whining or malingering

Fibromyalgia IS the result of widespread dysfunction in the body and the brain that’s hard to understand, difficult to treat, and, so far, impossible to cure.  The hardest thing for fibromites, however, is having to live with it. Having the support and understanding of people in their lives can make it a lot easier’

Amen to that!


Wonder woman (...well I thought so!) to blunder woman after diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and ME

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